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Qwan is a self development method  and a coaching method with 20 perspectives that you learn to use to change patterns in your life to achieve your goals. You work with the perspectives and a number of  suggested patterns in a structure that helps you to develop.

We have teached this method and have been coaching clients with Qwan since 1997 and now we think it is time for the method to become available to as many people as possible.

We have developed a certain way of looking at reality in Qwan. This way is by no means meant to be an objective view but more lika a poetic and inspiring view. We do not propose that anything in our method is to be taken as literal truths but the method has a purpose and is pragmatic, describing what we have noticed to work.

You can use this method in any area of your private life or your professional life. If you want to use Qwan professionally you need to refer to us as founders and we can also recommend you as a a Coach in Qwan.