What does Qwan stand for?

Qwan is an approach to work with  for oneself and in partnership with others. It operates as a dynamic balancing force between interdepandant paradoxes such as chaos and order, expansion and contraction, onness and unique individuality.

The name is partly inspired by Christopher Alexander and for him it means a quality without a name (A Quality Without A Name)

This oneness, or the lack of it, is the fundamental quality for anything.  Whether it is in a poem, or a man, or a building full of people, or in a forest, or a city, everything that matters stems from it.  It embodies everything. Yet still this quality cannot be named.”

Christopher Alexander – The Timeless Way of Building

Qwan stands for “wholeness in Vietnamese. Kwan also stands for harmonious whole. “Kwan” within the Akan people means “way”. Within this people in Africa I have also found a wonderful saying that goes like this: Ananse Antonn kasa. Which translates: Ananse (spider) did not sell the speech.

The spider Ananse is a very domineering character in Akan tales. What is meant here is that the spider realized that speech and wisdom belongs to all people and can not be claimed as the property of only one person. Qwan for us is just that, something that is universal and belonging to all. The only thing we have done is developed our own Qwan and created a structure that we have found is very useful for self-development.

Qwan as you see it in this book is not the real Qwan but merely a finger poining to the moon.The real Qwan is up to you to find. The true Qwan is found in life and in the meeting with yourself and others.

Individuation is only possible with people, through people. You must realize that you are a link in a chain, that you are not an electron suspended somewhere in space or aimlessly drifting through the cosmos.

~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Page 103.

The logo of Qwan symbolises the all embracing existence in dialog (the red mouth) with the self (the eye). The red mouth/dot also symbolise the unique essence in every human.