Experential field 2

Introduction to the method

Qwan consists of a number of perspectives that you learn to use to change different kinds of ideas, thougts and behavioral patterns in your life to achieve your goals.

To describe what our clients and students are actually doing in a very simplistic way; with the help of the coach you discern a blockage (pattern) that you would like to transform and wich you think stands in the way of your goals and then you choose a certain perspective to use in your daily life. For a period of time you focus on this perspective, you train yourself to use it and you investigate it and then you analyze the outcome of this investigation.

We are focusing on 5 areas in an individual’s life that we have seen are important for all the people we have worked with. We call these “steps” in the method and they are presented here in the pedagogic order that we use when we work with groups. Neither perspectives, patterns nor steps needs to be worked on exactly as we present them here but this is an easy framework to use especially when working with groups. When working with individual clients you use what the client is there to dicuss with you.

The 5 Steps are: The Group, Identity, Relations, Love and Meaning. We have worked with groups for periods of five months to a year and also with one on one sessions with individuals. Usually our sessions are for one and a half hour where thirty minutes are dedicated to education in the method. The number of sessions in individual coaching are usually between five and forty.

Whe have seen that Qwan for example works well in the following areas;

  • Sales
  • Behavirol changes in organisations needed when implementing environmental strategies
  • Councelling for couples in relations
  • Life coaching
  • Supporting unemployed people
  • Enhancing results for professional dancers

We do not know where the limits lies for this method but we think that Qwan has alot to offer in many different settings and we would love to see different new uses for the method.

We have developed a certain way of looking at reality in Qwan. This vay is by no means meant to be an objective view but more lika a poetic and inspiring view. We do not propose anything in our method to be taken as literal truths or ideals – the method has a purpose and is pragmatic, describing what we have noticed to work.