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Step 5 – MEANING

When you have made it through the 4 other steps you have created yourself in relation to the group, your identity, relations and love. In step 5 it’s time to take a look at yourself in relation to meaning and goals in life. What do I want to realize in my life, in my work and within in my free time? I need to find my deeper motivations to work effectively towards goals. Here it is important to distinguish what I am passionate about or what could be my innermost longing.

When you start training and using the perspectives in Qwan you can experience that the perspectives are easy to confuse. It’s no wonder because there are no watertight bulkheads between these perspectives. We humans try to describe reality and what we experience with words, but on a deeper level there are no sufficient words. Eventually the perspectives are naturally integrated into your approach. With the integration, a more mature process has often developed.