We describe the Core of OPENNESS like this…

With the curiosity of a child observe everything like it was the very first time we saw it.

To give everything a space to be unique and different.

To be comfortable with emptiness and to accept the feeling of nothingness.

To test new things and be open to learn something new.

What does Qwan stand for?

Qwan is an approach to work with  for oneself and in partnership with others. It operates as a dynamic balancing force between interdepandant paradoxes such as chaos and order, expansion and contraction, onness and unique individuality.

The name is partly inspired by Christopher Alexander and for him it means a quality without a name (A Quality Without A Name)

This oneness, or the lack of it, is the fundamental quality for anything.  Whether it is in a poem, or a man, or a building full of people, or in a forest, or a city, everything that matters stems from it.  It embodies everything. Yet still this quality cannot be named.”

Christopher Alexander – The Timeless Way of Building

Qwan stands for “wholeness in Vietnamese. Kwan also stands for harmonious whole. “Kwan” within the Akan people means “way”. Within this people in Africa I have also found a wonderful saying that goes like this: Ananse Antonn kasa. Which translates: Ananse (spider) did not sell the speech.

The spider Ananse is a very domineering character in Akan tales. What is meant here is that the spider realized that speech and wisdom belongs to all people and can not be claimed as the property of only one person. Qwan for us is just that, something that is universal and belonging to all. The only thing we have done is developed our own Qwan and created a structure that we have found is very useful for self-development.

Qwan as you see it in this book is not the real Qwan but merely a finger poining to the moon.The real Qwan is up to you to find. The true Qwan is found in life and in the meeting with yourself and others.

Individuation is only possible with people, through people. You must realize that you are a link in a chain, that you are not an electron suspended somewhere in space or aimlessly drifting through the cosmos.

~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Page 103.

The logo of Qwan symbolises the all embracing existence in dialog (the red mouth) with the self (the eye). The red mouth/dot also symbolise the unique essence in every human.

We describe the Core of TRUTH like this…

Available in your true essence, beyond your will and your projections.

Exists when opposites coincide into a dynamic whole.

Truth bears to be attacked.

If it is a truth then you can find it everywhere – in action, thought and being.

To see beyond right and wrong


The perspectives are the tools you can use in order to actively make progress in your own development and these can be beneficial in many different situations. You are supposed to be able to use the tools again and again in life. When you use them they will show you the difference between theory and practice. They will help you practice your newfound insights

When you use the perspectives you will experience many different sides of them. We also explain each perspective separately. You will continue to develop over time your experiences of each perspective. You will create your own Qwan


In the first step you get the opportunity to look at how different groups have formed you. You have a personal history, and all parts of your story is probably not visible to you. It’s about how your family has shaped you and what patterns you have inherited. It is these that determine how you relate to other people, situations and yourself.

You are also a product of the other groups that you’ve met in life like peer groups, associations, community groups and even the culture that you grew up in.


We present a number of different patterns in every step. A pattern can be an inhereted function in the psyche, an interpretation of reality that I have done due to certain experiences or a phenomenon in nature that I relate to in a specific manner like “time” for example. In short something natural or created in me that rules my behaviour.

A pattern in it self is not bad but it can turn in to a blockage when it is not balanced or when it does not serve my goals. For example, “projections” are not bad, it is natural to project and it helps us to navigate in reality. It is more how I relate to the pattern itself that is the problem.

A pattern can be a prejudice or a certain kind of idea that I use to protect myself in some way. This protection can also lead to some kind of stagnation or out of touchness with myself, others or the situation at hand. The patterns that we work with in this method are common obstacles or blockages that stop us from developing. The training for our clients is to identify their own patterns and then use the perspectives to go beyond these “obstacles”. Once you understand how a particular pattern act in your life you can transform it by using the suggested perspective belonging to this pattern.

There are patterns that are more hardwired in us like instincts or programs formed in our early years. Our brain functioned as a recorder from the age of 0 to 6 years when the right and left brain where synchronized. Why does it not work to only think positively? If you have a recorded program that work against what you are trying to achieve then it is not enough to think positively, the program is stronger. We think that we have seen that created programs even if they are hardwired can be changed with training. To train something is built on some kind of repetition and in our opinion this is key to relly reach good results that lasts over time.

We describe the Core of CHOICE like this…

With great courage dare to make your own choices and go where your heart leads you.

To quietly reflect on yourself, others and life and to feel of free when you make your decisions.

To dare to choose new possibilities.

To make a choice by closing all other doors and be commited that choice whatever.


This step is about to find yourself  and your own true identity. Few people know who they are, where they are heading and why. The step is intended to create a channel between the knowledge  that reaches us from outside and the inner wisdom. We create during our lifes a number of roles that we play and what we would call a false identity. We are also limited by the experiences and stories about ourselves that has been manifested in the past. This step is about the ability to be free in relation to the past and to look at yourself  with fresh eyes to create a more powerful identity.

We describe the Core of RESPONSIBILITY like this…

To give yourself the oppotunity to influence and create.

 To trust yourself without the need of confirmation from others.

To curb your inner lion, needs and impulses.

Being aware of the variety of choices you have in all situations.


This step gives you the insight into who you are in relationships –  it is about how to create a partnership. The purpose of many relationships are coming together to create and often something new. Sometimes it can be a project or a child but the cause of it can also be that a part of oneself wants to evolve and change.

Beacause of other people our properties comes to light and we come to see who we are. Therefore relationships creates occasions for us to mature and become more complete as individuals. It is not necessarily about being satisfied and happy, it is each person’s own responsibility. But often we project these needs and desires onto others and that is why relationships are often more a burden than a support. Demands and expectations can kill any relationship and it makes it important to get a good understanding in how you give and take in a relationship.