We present a number of different patterns in every step. A pattern can be an inhereted function in the psyche, an interpretation of reality that I have done due to certain experiences or a phenomenon in nature that I relate to in a specific manner like “time” for example. In short something natural or created in me that rules my behaviour.

A pattern in it self is not bad but it can turn in to a blockage when it is not balanced or when it does not serve my goals. For example, “projections” are not bad, it is natural to project and it helps us to navigate in reality. It is more how I relate to the pattern itself that is the problem.

A pattern can be a prejudice or a certain kind of idea that I use to protect myself in some way. This protection can also lead to some kind of stagnation or out of touchness with myself, others or the situation at hand. The patterns that we work with in this method are common obstacles or blockages that stop us from developing. The training for our clients is to identify their own patterns and then use the perspectives to go beyond these “obstacles”. Once you understand how a particular pattern act in your life you can transform it by using the suggested perspective belonging to this pattern.

There are patterns that are more hardwired in us like instincts or programs formed in our early years. Our brain functioned as a recorder from the age of 0 to 6 years when the right and left brain where synchronized. Why does it not work to only think positively? If you have a recorded program that work against what you are trying to achieve then it is not enough to think positively, the program is stronger. We think that we have seen that created programs even if they are hardwired can be changed with training. To train something is built on some kind of repetition and in our opinion this is key to relly reach good results that lasts over time.

Pattern – complexes and ideals

Often we develop both complex and ideals to be able to belong to a group. These patterns are common in humans. You can certainly find some complex that you have or any ideal that sometimes prevents you from creating what you want. See if you can use the perspective “Openness” instead of your complex or ideal and practice this.

Pattern- Opinions

Your opinions will become blockages in some circumstances and they may be difficult to get around. When you notice that you are moving into point of view that you do not want have try to stop yourself and use the perspective “Openness” instead. When you notice that your already created an opinion that prevents you from a result you would like to have consider to to investigate “Openness”.

Pattern – Projections

That wich makes you feel particularly strong – positively or negatively – about another person or event is probably a projection. We put what is within ourselves and that wich we find difficult to be with – outside ourselves. For example in the form of judging other people.

We think they are doing wrong, we point fingers and get upset. This happens unconsciously, we do not know that we project but sometimes when we do that this becomes an obstacle. We can also project a positive thing that exists within ourselves on to others, this happens when we acquire idols for example. Then this may become a barrier to discover that we ourselves have this positive quality that we believe that the idol has. Investigate the perspective “Truth” to see if you can transform a presumed projection.