We describe the Core of OPENNESS like this…

With the curiosity of a child observe everything like it was the very first time we saw it.

To give everything a space to be unique and different.

To be comfortable with emptiness and to accept the feeling of nothingness.

To test new things and be open to learn something new.

We describe the Core of TRUTH like this…

Available in your true essence, beyond your will and your projections.

Exists when opposites coincide into a dynamic whole.

Truth bears to be attacked.

If it is a truth then you can find it everywhere – in action, thought and being.

To see beyond right and wrong

We describe the Core of CHOICE like this…

With great courage dare to make your own choices and go where your heart leads you.

To quietly reflect on yourself, others and life and to feel of free when you make your decisions.

To dare to choose new possibilities.

To make a choice by closing all other doors and be commited that choice whatever.

We describe the Core of RESPONSIBILITY like this…

To give yourself the oppotunity to influence and create.

 To trust yourself without the need of confirmation from others.

To curb your inner lion, needs and impulses.

Being aware of the variety of choices you have in all situations.

We describe the Core of EXPRESSION like this…

Being in an exploration of your uniqueness.

To to give something of yourself without the need to please.

To communicate everything that needs to be communicated.

 Feel free to contribute with all that is there – or nothing.